Primed for ignition
Recoiled all the way
So light a trigger
Will trip any day

An army behind me
My devastating force
We'll tear you in half
Without any remorse

A brickhouse of commitment
With ties fully bound
Every eye wide open
Alert all around

You cannot overcome us
This unflinching juggernaut

Your powers now weak
Falling apart at the seams

Run and hide you scoundrel
Evacuate now
Dream of building your army
If you could only learn how

This can't be achieved
By any one soul
It takes drive and dedication
From every role

Once you find your powers
You must harness them fast
Flex for the distance
Make the strength last

To enter that hell
So dark in my cage
Explode from his lair
A fireball of rage



To Strive

The fame
The fortune
The rise to the top

The fall
The fade
The inevitable flop

Lived on the bottom
Strived every second
Networked their world
Just to cut that first record

Soaked it all in
Now real rock stars
Lost sight and direction
Their end was not far

All the shows
All the drugs
All the pleasure you want

All the depression
All the withdrawls
All the fans that will haunt

Every girl wants you
Every guy wants to be you
You must live the life
They dream but can't have

More show
More appearance
Less time for what's real

Less music
Less inspiration
More influenced by deal

The life that we want
The life that they've got
The life that will kill
If they fear it or not

If the sex, drugs, and age
Don't put them all down
Their music will fade
You won't know they're around

When the 80's trailed off
The hair bands all died
When alt grunge faded out
Spears pop came alive

Who's the next superstar
For four years or less
Does the music even matter
Or is it the size of the chest

Eye candy now
We want who is hot
Like puppetmasters and pimps
Execs fill the spots

Rising and falling
A whirlwind of dreams
Is it all worth it
It's not what it seems



When is the time
I will know in my mind

Where is the place
I will then leave behind

Where is true love
I know I will find

Stop chasing
Stop looking
Stop pushing the issue

If you force it
It's never real
If you fake it
You'll never feel

So many questions
So many directions
So what do I do...

So keep on cruisin
Do whatever you feel
Only in your heart
Will you know when life's real

Don't let anyone
Stand in the way
Get what you want
Out of every day

If you aren't enjoying life
Why are you living it
If you don't feel fulfilled
You shouldn't just quit

Quit your monotony
Quit your routine
Start your revolution
Tremble your scene

Push yourself
Push your direction
Push your expectations
No fear of rejection

Get up now
Start your head
Stop the predictability
Of where you've been led

Don't lie to your family
Don't lie to your friends
Don't lie to yourself
It's time this must end

Goals have become
Set into stone
No one can help you
Now you're alone

Harness your rage
That burned so damn bright
Wake up from this coma
Get up and fight


Irresistibly Impossible To Me

How do I say
What you've wanted to hear
How can I be
The one you want near
How do you approach this
Without any fear

So scared of this
Every damn time
So fucking scared
I'm losing my mind

I brush it all off
Because I don't need it
I lie to myself
So I justify leaving it

Why am I like this
When will this stop
When will I be
Back up on the top

Those times are golden
So calm and so warm
I've already had some
And now I want more

I search and destroy
Anything I can find
Because I still think
Of what happened that time

It won't happen now
Because I won't let it
I won't get involved
And I always regret it

I'm so jealous
Of some that I see
I look all around
Why can't it be me

The exitement
The chase
The ultimate goal
Or the fling
The fun
And some loud rock and roll

Go for the good ones
Or go for the bad
I'm just not sure now
On which side I stand

Keep searching and searching
Please don't ever stop
Just keep your eyes open
And you'll be back on the top


He's the other me

New scenes
Old scenes
Talkin' to everyone he sees

Time is
Who knows where he'll be

What did he do
What did he say
He's had way too much

Where does he go
Who does he know
He's the other me

His mouth is way too big
His songs are out of key
His funds are neverending
He's the other me

I hear stories
I've seen pictures
Of all his reckless wander

I've got history
I've got scars
Of all his careless judgement

He is so fun
And he loves everyone
He's the other me

Balls to the wall
He feels ten feet tall
He's the other me

I'll see you at the club
He'll meet you at the pub
And we'll be there till close


Long Distance

So far away
from me to be happy
So far away
to give me enough time

So far away
Why can't I stay
Just one more day
I don't want to...walk away

So close to you
that we can talk so long
So close to you
that we know something's there

So close to you
I can't wait to
See this through
to the very end

So close
So far
Too close
Too far
Not close
Not far
What the hell is going on here?

I never would've believed this
I never would've imagined it
I never saw this coming
I've never felt this before...

So awkward and fun
So new and unfamiliar
So gorgeous and cool
So what's happenin in my head?

So far away
from you to be happy
So far away
to give you enough time

So far away
Why can't you stay
Just one more day
I don't want you to...walk away

So close to me
that we can talk so long
So close to me
that we know something's there

So close to me
Why can't we be
I know you see
the start of something...amazing


So close to her
So far from her
I don't wanna wait

I know it's there
I just don't care
If there is someone else

You know you want me
Quit fuckin with my head
I know I want you
I can't think of nothin else

She's been there before
She'll hide no more
She said she wanted me

If it could start
If she'd trust her heart
I'd show her a new world

You know you want me
Quit fuckin with my head
I know I want you
I can't think of nothin else

Who is he?
What did he do to deserve you

Where is he?
He's not here when you need him

How is he?
Ever gonna make you happy

Why can't you?
See the light

Don't forget
What you felt

Don't regret
What you said

You know you want me
Quit fuckin with my head
I know I want you
I can't think of nothin else

I think I'm in love...


Today will tell what tomorrow will bring

The life to live is here
The time to move is now
I could be so happy
If only I knew how

If it wasn't for the good times
I wouldn't still be here
If it wasn't for the bad times
I couldn't live now without fear

Yesterday has made me who I am

I can see this ending
And I fear all the rest
The comfort I maintain
Is that I'll do my best

When is the climax
The peak to my whole life
The end to my story
The next chapter begins...

Another Day Another Way

Stumble through this month
And all the rest to come
Without any drive
I just don't feel alive

With my eyes always closed
And my mind always shut
I never feel alert
But I guess it's always worked

How did I make it here
I really haven't tried that hard
Everyone is proud so far
I know I've cheated me

I'll have something to show
Doesn't mean I really know
Am I the only one
Who knows it's all constructed

I jumped through all the hoops
I played all the games
Just another day
Just another way

Do people ever stop
And step out of their life
Or is it just repeating
Is it just routine


So you spent the night
In my room one day
So we didn't know
The next day what to say
So we kept in touch
By phone by mail someway
So we started it
I asked you said OK

I meant what I said
You felt what I meant
We liked how it felt
I'm so sorry I'm fucked up

So you asked if I
Wanted to go somewhere
So I said
Hell yeah I'll be there
So we left
Everything without a care
So together
We went everywhere

I tried my best
To be there for you
I tried my best
Not to hurt you
I want so bad
Just to talk to you

It has drawn me to tears.....

So I made a choice
For me and for you
My fucked up head
I didn't want to put you through
I tried so hard
I just didn't know what to do
To leave us
So I could still know you

So she says
I'm comin back to town
So she says
I don't want you around
So she goes
And kicks me while I'm down
So he says
What did I do to deserve this?

You know who I am
You knew who I was
Don't act like I'm some jerk
Who was using you for love

I care so much
I proved that before
I can't prove it now
Cause I can't see you no more

You can always count on me
If only you'd let it be
More than it is right now

Don't write me?
Don't call me?
Don't forget
Don't forget our times

Friends before
It became more
I'm sorry for
Following my heart


Artistic Union

Who is this man in front of me
Who is this girl taking him
Is he being himself
Can she take the test

Where is this man going
Where is she moving him
Can she support him
Will she hurt him

She stands the trial
Many times over
She is sentenced
By the toughest judge

She never knew she was watched
The details, the overall
She seems too perfect
Is this honesty, is this genuine

She stood firm
She was always there
I have a sister
And she a new brother
I see no lines

This man is changing
She is the motivation
This man is maturing?
Is this possible

At home we played
We were powerful
We were super-heroes
We were kings

Inseparable in our kingdom
Unstoppable in our world

With a heart of pure gold
And a personality that will not stop
He will bring a smile
He will touch your soul

With never-ending kindness
And genuine consideration
She will make you feel welcome
She will warm your heart

Their interests will hold them as one
They are artists
In song, in act, in expression, in performance

Their chosen path is molding
Molding young people
They were young people when they met
They have grown so much together
They have molded each other
Their job was well done

This union is strong
This union will last

In a new life together
They will change the world

As we once were at home
They are now
Inseparable in their kingdom
Unstoppable in their world


What will we be tomorrow
Will you still remember me
What will we be tomorrow
I can't wait to see

Will you be here
Do you have fear
Do you have faith in me

I need you near
Can we shift gears
Will you stay with me

What will we be tomorrow
Will you still remember me
What will we be tomorrow
I can't wait to see

Can't you see more
Please don't ignore
What you feel for me

I need you so
I can't let you go
Did you ever love me


Prove yourself
Show your might
Show me what you're worth tonight
Show me that you deserve my girl

Are you as tough as me
Can you see
Just how much she means to me
Even though I've left her on her own

When I'm there
She has no...cares
When you're not
She needs you...so

When I'm there
I make her...happy
Do something
Or give it...up

Move on
Move on down
Stop wastin her fuckin time
Or step up and take back what's mine

She lost hers
She needs you
Just do what you said you'd do
Or stop claiming her as...yours


We leave somehow
We think the past
We fake the now
But it won't last

We miss the days
When we would play
Those days are done
And gone away

I will find the route to where I'm going
Prove to myself to live by showing
Find the reason why I've been growing
Why the hell am I here?

I look at where I am right now
I know that I'll get through somehow
I question why I'm even trying
Cause I can't steer this plane I'm flying

Tomorrow will show me where I'll be
But I can't hardly wait to see
I live my life from day to day
But the big picture just blows me away

Everyone pushes me so hard
But they can't even deal me the card
That I need to see if I will win
This scary game of life I'm in

I'm runnin away
I'm leavin today
Take this life and throw it away
Crawl into my bottle world
Before my whole life's flag's unfurled

Forget this place
This life's a waste
There must be a better way

Forget these rules
I feel like a fool
I will not stay in this day

It's time to escape...


You've come so far
You've put some thought
Into this trip
Into my world

When you got here
It was so weird
We didn't remember
How we were friends

What the hell has happened here
Why don't I feel like I know you now
We used to spend every day together
I struggle now just to talk to you

We grew apart so quickly so
Lets see what will happen now
We can talk about when we were kids
And all that stupid shit we did

Growing up
Changing fast
Forgetting all about the past

I'll call you up
So we go out
I don't even know what to talk about

Sometimes I think
About high school nights
I wonder if we played them right

Growing up
Changing fast
Forgetting all about the past

You had the status
I don't remember you
So now you act
Like we are cool

You never spoke a word
Until we met up in a new life
Now you pretend like we are friends

All I can think is what the hell?

Growing up
Changing fast
Forgetting all about the past

Already Ready

Follow me into the darkness
Within the world we see
You will sense the truth
About who we will be

We must step out together
To see if it will work
I hope that we were right
And the evil will not lurk

Already ready to go
Already ready to start
Already ready to test
The love of our hearts

The voyage is the plan
The plan to be our last
The tested and failed journeys
Are in our hidden past

I was on my own one day
Feeling halfway there
Someone told me a story
That made me so damn scared

Already ready to jump
Already ready to die
Already ready to end it
Without you by my side

Why did you leave me
Without an explanation
All the facts I know
Are an approximation

I'm supposed to answer
All the stupid questions
About our relationship
I just cannot mention

Already ready to fail
Already ready to fall
Already ready to give up
On any love at all...

Friar Tuck Shenanagans

Bovine unbalancing precedure:

Step 1 - approach bovine containment facility*
*(scan immediate and surrounding area for disgruntled bovine managers or caretakers)

Step 2 - enter bovine containment facility and direct oneself to slumbering bovine nearest the unbalancer*
*(continue to scan immediate area for previous reasons and now for any bovine excremental mounds which may impede movement and convert unbalancer into a letharge)

Step 3 – traverse through bovine containment facility en route to nearest bovine and cease movement 8.75 ft from target body*
*(while traversing, continue to scan area for reasons disclosed in step one and step two; unbalancer must be adamant about distance measurement due to the bovine’s ability to dispense lactate at high velocity which may be directed at unbalancer’s corneal region; it may be in best interests of said unbalancer to bring ocular tactical defensive duraflex shields [or OTDDS’s to veteran unbalancers] to protect corneal lens and ocular cavity, and multiple doses of lactaid if unbalancer happens to be lactose intolerant)

Step 4 – place one upper extremity (small body of phalanges) on earthen region approximately 2.34 feet ahead of lower extremity of same side (R or L orientation) and lower shoulder whilst directing it toward the pivotal unbalancing location on said bovine; this point is located between the six and seventh rib and is exactly 19 inches from spinal region*
*(when lowering body of phalanges to earthen region continue to be aware of immediate and surrounding areas for any disgruntled caretakers, any excremental mounds, and never neglect optical contact with target bovine; at this time unbalancer is in an extremely vulnerable position in reference to weight and speed ratios in comparison to target bovine; unbalancer must remain firm, intense, and prepared for anything)

~WARNING~ the orientation the unbalacer now occupies leaves them defenseless to rapid fire high velocity lactate, excremental fluids, or solids; unbalancer is also grossly out-weighed, out-numbered, and will be unable to accelerate to the speed of a bovine.

~NOTE~ if unbalancer is still prepared, mentally sound, and physically able continue to follow these written instructions.

Step 5 - to be continued...


When today
Has gone away
I will not say
I miss you

When I remember
Last December
I wanna say
I miss you

I love you so
I need you so
I hate you so
Fuck you

I miss you so
I want you so
I avoid you so
I'll forget